Step 1

Download Your Crypto Wallet

To activate your gift card, you'll need your own crypto wallet. A crypto wallet is just a browser extension, and it's free! Click the link to download

Step 2

Setup Your Wallet

Setting up a crypto wallet is easy. A crypto wallet is secured via a password and a 'seed phrase' - 12 randomly generated numbers

step 3

Find Your Wallet ID

Now your crypto wallet is setup, you're ready to activate your funds and start buying NFTs! Enter in your wallet ID below to receive the Gift Card funds

  • Need help?

    Need extra help with activating your NFT Gift Card and navigating the NFT landscape? Book in a half hour NFT onboarding call with one of our experts.

  • Our mission

    Property and shares are expensive. Our mission is to help more people discover the joys of the NFT space and build wealth for the future

What NFTs Can You Buy?

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  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
    Floor Price 116 Eth

  • Cool Cats
    Floor Price 5 Eth

  • Moonbirds
    Floor Price 31 Eth

  • OkayBear
    Floor Price 77 SOL